Our Stump Removal Services will Clear Your Yard in Winnipeg

Harvest Tree Services Ltd. is your quick and efficient option in Winnipeg to get a stump removed. We will assess the stump in regards to its species, in that if there is a potential for re-growth (i.e. suckers coming up in the lawn surrounding the stump), we will recommend chemical treatment of the stump. The chemical treatment involves making incisions in the stump and using a steroidal-based chemical to kill the stump from the inside out first; then after a period, we return to remove the stump physically, employing a carbide-toothed machine to a level of approximately one foot below ground. No stump is too large nor too small, and we also remove hedges and shrubs in the same manner.

Call our team today to book an appointment and we will ensure your stump is removed correctly the first time.