Tree and Shrub Pruning Services

Tree and shrub pruning is an art as well as a science. Each individual species is pruned based on time of year, nature of pruning (live or dead material), and other variables. Pruning must be carried out carefully and systematically in keeping with the individual architecture and health of the tree; as any mistakes or marring are permanent. At Harvest Tree Services Ltd., we are proficient and knowledgeable in appropriate pruning practices based on training and experience.
The first step in the process is to remove dead limbs. Next, pruning for hazard mitigation is done to provide safety and longevity, along with functionality – clearance for impingement on roofs, wires, and walkways, for example. Finally, pruning is done for balance, symmetry, and essentially aesthetics. At Harvest Tree Services Ltd., we are experts at achieving and these pruning goals, and maximizing the beauty and curb appeal of your property, so that you may take great pride in it. We not only work the tree in such a way as to suit the existing landscape, but are able to increase the aesthetic appeal of the individual type of tree, thus making it picture perfect.
Contact us today – we are certified and licensed arborists that specialize in pruning.